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Product details of MIRA 12" Wall Fan M-1232

Model M-1232

Impeller 12 inches

Electric System Single Phase

Voltage / Frequency 220 Volt / 50 Hz

Input 45 Watt

Rotation 1200 RPM

Capacity 44 CMM

Power Control 1,2,3

Switch Control Pull Switch

Remote Control No

Color White

Weight 3.8 kg.

Packaging Dimensions 2041.537 cm.


High-efficiency motor. Safe with Thermo Fuse auto shut-off when the motor temperature is too high. MIRA Two-inch Wall Fan, 12-inch model M-1232 - Cool white with MIRA.12-inchwall fan, M-1232, will help blow heat. Leave you Suitable for home use the fan is made of good quality materials. Is strong Resistant to heavy use in hot and humid weather. Ready to cool you all the time. Features 3 levels of wind poweradjustment. MIRA two 12-inch wall fan, M-1232 model (green), can adjust 3levels of wind power and 90-degree oscillation. Fan Wall mounted 12 inches, two wires, can adjust 3 levels of wind power, with a 90-degree oscillating radius. Control the oscillation of the fan by Rope pull switch with automatic shut-off system When the temperature is abnormally hot 1-year full warranty. Manufactured from a factory that has been certified to ISO 9001, certified for quality and safety from Thai Industrial Standards Institute TIS. 934-2558, TISI. 92-2536passed the standard certification Energy Saving Label 5 from the ElectricityGenerating Authority of Thailand.